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Leader Essay Examples

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A Leader in On-Line Travel Services

The travel industry is billion dollar a year business. Year round people from all walks fill the roads and departing plane seats in search of travel success. There is no doubt that the travel industry will continue to be in demand, however, while vacationers, business travelers and everyone in between anticipate spending a good chunk…

Experiential Leadership Project Progress Report

This paper is an experiential leadership project whose subject is, Sandra Ussery, my direct supervisor at work. Sandra’s title is Pricing Systems Supervisor, under FedEx National LTL. At present she oversees nine direct employees. Sandra’s boss is Diane Lia, the Pricing Systems Manager for FedEx National LTL. Diane has two direct employees and nine indirect…

Leadership Behavior and Conflict Management in Small Groups

Small groups of people with common interests often come together to exchange information, collaborate and cooperate in the pursuit of a shared goal. These members have the time and space to meet and share ideas through interaction and participation. When such groups face tough and insurmountable problems it helps to have a visionary leader to…



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On Becoming A Leader

One of the key points Warren makes in his book concerns the need to master context as a prerequisite to effective leadership and success in every sphere. Warren divides all people into tow broad categories: those who master the context and those who surrender to it. Mastering the context implies seeing a bigger picture and…

On Becoming A Leader

Nowadays, the title of “leader” seems to be sloppily thrown here and there. For the inexperienced eye, if someone seems to be the dominant individual in a group, people automatically ascribe the term to the person. Nowadays, it seems to be more of having a title than meeting that title’s responsibilities. It is imperative for…

Philip Crosby

Philip Crosby was born on June 18th, 1926. He was a successful businessman and a famous author who added so much to the practice of quality management and also the management theory. Philip Crosby started the Zero defect plan at the company in Orlando Florida which was the Martin Company. As manager of Quality control…

Tylenol Case And Ethical Issues

It is the duty of the business fraternity to practice and promote ethical business practices to avoid violation of human rights. This will be demonstrated in the moral behavior of the management while carrying out their responsibilities in their respective institutions. Ethical awareness is fundamental and therefore should be given priority, as it is a…

Leadership of Stalin and Hitler

Stalin and Hitler were influential leaders in history. Although Stalin and Hitler grew to have immense leadership powers, can these individuals be considered great leaders? Based on the grave crimes against humanity both leaders committed under power; Stalin and Hitler should not be considered great leaders, but rather leaders that were excellent at widely influencing…

Leadership Qualities

Charisma and personality are two important traits of successful leaders. Many brilliant men and women have risen to positions of power based on technical skill and knowledge base; yet, these same people typically do not fully succeed in leadership positions unless charisma and strong personality traits shine. Without charisma and likable personalities, leaders cannot survive,…

School Leadership

The Superintendent of Schools is the principle leader for school districts across the United States. Principles and teachers of individual schools look to the Superintendent to provide inspiration to be the best educators possible regardless of external influences such as low teacher pay. The Superintendent should have transformational leadership and exhibit traits of integrity, intelligence,…

Why Did Stalin Rather Than Trotsky Emerge as Leader of the Ussr in 1929?

Why did Stalin rather than Trotsky emerge as leader of the USSR in 1929? A power struggle for control of the Bolshevik party began after Lenin’s death in 1924. Among the contenders for the role, two of the most powerful names in this struggle were Leon Trotsky and Joseph Stalin. Ultimately, Stalin was able to…

True Leaders

If there ever were a great leader in the history of business and management, it would be William Edwards Deming. Deming was a visionary whose concepts of effective business leadership were decades ahead of his time. It was Deming who greatly improved industrial production in the United States during World War Two and later, ironically,…

Do You Think You Can Have A Great Leader Missing Either Trust Or Humility?

One cannot have a great leader missing either trust or humility since the force of leadership nowadays is toward considering the leader as a developer, not a controller, of followers. The leadership assignment is developmental and integrative. The confront is to shape followers into an amalgamated, impartial whole competent of unrelenting supportive action. I find…

Organisational Behaviour: The Personal Nature of Leadership

The title of this paper inspires examination of leadership style within the corporate culture with regard to personal traits in relation to organisational behaviour. The old standard of a leader being born rather than made is under review here as many concepts come into play when discussing modern corporate leadership. Many would argue and research…

Transitional Leadership

Organizational Culture is defined as “a common perception held by the organization’s members; a system of shared meaning” (Robbins, 2004). It is the name given to the idea that an organization holds a set of values, beliefs and practices that are common to all the members of that organization. It is the idea that an…

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